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In the photo above, by Lakes Region Aerials, you'll see Lake Winnipesaukee to the right (east) of the Belknap mountain range ahd the Suncook watershed on the left (west). In the lower left corner of the photo is a marsh feeding into Frohock Brook which drains into Hills Pond with its' distinctive two islands. Hills drains, through a marshy area into Sunset Lake (on the left). Water flows over the Sunset Dam and finds its' way to Crystal Lake by way of Place's Brook. Above Sunset is a small pond called Lake Eileen which is within the Boy Scout Camp. Above that is Manning Lake which is primarily fed from a brook from Round Pond, high in the Belknaps, and actually in Gilford. Manning and Eileen flow into a marshy area that flows under Place's Mill Road into Crystal Lake. Crystal is also fed by Nelson Brook. The Suncook River begins at the Crystal Lake Dam and flows through the Iron Works and into the Suncook Lakes. From the Suncook Lake Dam it flows along Rt. 28 to the Merrimac.....eventually. Converging with the Suncook, just below the Suncook Dam, are waters from Halfmoon Lake, Locke Lake and Brindle Pond.  

Cannonball! - Beach 4 - Sunset Lake

1957 Topographical Map - Note: Frohock Brook does not flow into Sunset Lake

Crystal Lake from Hall's Hill - Canney Hill Road - Photo Courtesy of mcdude

Hills Pond from Avery Hill - Photo by Dave Roberts

Cruising with the Grandson on Lower Suncook - Photo Contributed by Paul Cimon

Sunset, Crystal and some of Hills Pond from Avery Hill - Photo couurtesy of Dave Roberts

Hoping to Catch the BIG ONE on Halfmoon Lake - Photo Contributed by Becky

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